FISFA 2018

International Short film and Arts Festival

Leaving no one behind.

Guidelines and Rules

Film Submission

Submissions for FISFA 2018 are now closed.

List of selected movies for screening is published on submit page.



You can still register and be a part of the event,

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What are allowed?

  • Short Films

    A fictional film which has a running time of 30 minutes or less with all credits. It is mostly targeted for expressing newer ideas, visualisation of stories and for entertainment purposes.

  • Short Documentaries

    A non fictional film to document certain facts and reality through cinematographic presentation, usually help identify or elaborate an issue or reveal an unfaltered realism.

  • Animated Short Films

    Animation has always been a great attraction for kids and adults alike leaving a deeper impression on our mind. Sketch your characters and let them work magically. You may tell stories, innovate or even make sci-fi/ docufictions.

  • Experimental Short

    With the advent of smartphones in our lives everything has changed and so has filmmaking, you no longer need to carry that heavy DSLR with you everywhere anymore. Even your phone can capture things the same way. So go out and shoot all your cinematographic trials and trim out your errors. All experiments are welcome.

  • Music

    Of course, short film making requires background music and much more. But, seldom do we encourage videos based purely on a musical language. So here is an opportunity for you to test your taste for cinematographic overhaul of a different kind. The musical video can range from plain choreography shoots for music to pure expression of fictions or documentary based fully on music without dialogues.

What should your film be about?

  • Preferred Themes

    Rural Health
    Good Health and Well Being
    Health Education
    Gender Equality
    Climate Action
    Clean Water and Sanitation
    Mental Health
    Human Relationships & Sexual Health
    Mother & Child Health
    Adolescent and teenage health
    Peace and Justice
    Digital Health

What must you follow?

1. The Film Fest Is a Juried Competition Open to any Independant/ Student Filmmaker Worldwide.

2. At Least One Member Needs to Fulfill Conference Registration For Screening of Selected Films at the Film Fest.

3. Student Movie Makers and Medical Students Can Make Use of Fee Waivers.

4. The Competition Is Open to Film/ Works Produced After January 1, 2016 Only. Film Created Before the Mentioned Date, Can Not Be Accepted.

5. The Maximum Running Time Per Film Will Be Limited to 30 Minutes But Minimum Duration of a Film Must Be 2 Minutes.

6. Preview Copies Need to Be Uploaded Digitally In MP4 / MOV Format (1920×1080 FULL HD) Along With Entry Form submission. Sending hardcopies by DVD/ Pen drives are discouraged and the film festival secretariat will not take responsibility for any damage/ non-receipt of the same. In the event of hardcopy submission, ten separate copies maybe sent to the following address:

FISFA Secretariat
c/o Alpcord Network
1201, 12th Floor, New Delhi House,
27 Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi – 110001
E-mail: mail@fisfa.org
Ph: +919447701890, +918588017749

7. Submitter Can Also Alternatively Upload Their Preview Copies and Provide the Festival Screening Committee With Access/ Link to Their Secured Youtube Uploads.

8. Multiple Submissions By Same Director/ Submitter Are Acceptable, But Each Must Have a Separate Entry Form, and If Selected Needs Separate Registration.

9. Incomplete Entries Will Be Summarily Rejected.

10. Remote Jury & Venue Jury Would Screen Films and Would Comprise of Active Film Industry Professionals, Theatre artistes, Critics, Filmmakers & Health Educators/Doctors.

11. The Directors of Submitted Films That Are Accepted For Screening Will Be Informed Via E-Mails. They are required to submit their final edited copies, well in advance (1920×1080 FULL HD quality) either digitally or in DVD/ Pen drives. It is also recommended that they bring a hard copy for the film festival as a standby copy. Selected movies mayne required to mail Director’S Bio and Five Stills from the Film to mail@fisfa.org for promotional purposes.

12. The List of Accepted Movies Will Be Available on the Website By First Week of April 2018.

13. Few Film Makers Who Submitted Their Works, But However Did Not Make the Shortlist and Which Is No Longer Than 15 Minutes Still Have Opportunity to Re-Submit Their Work For ‘Open Screening’ With a Late Fee.

14. The Awards Will Be Announced at the Inaugural Ceremony of WRHC 2018 on 27Th April 2018.

15. The Language of Film Festival Is English. Please Make Sure That Non-English Submissions Are Provided With English Hardcoded Subtitles.

16. Works Depicting Extreme Violence or Explicit Content May Be Appropriately Tagged With Prior Warning For Viewer Discretion.

17. All Entries Must Be Independently Produced and Financed and Not Developed By Major Film Studio or Television Networks.

18. Brand Advertisements Amounting to Conflict of Interest Should Be Avoided.

All Entries Selected For Screening Would Need to Be Marked With the Phrase ‘Non-Commercial – For Cultural Purposes Only’

There is no fee for submission of entries. However, movies selected for screening at festival would require atleast one participant per submission to register for the festival to have the movie screened.

Fee- early bird (till Jan 31,2018)
Indian delegates- ₹ 1500/-
International delegates- 50 $

After Jan 31,2018
Indian delegates ₹2000
International delegates 75 $
Accompanying persons ₹1500 (includes food coupon, access to awards night, no access to movie screenings)

– Those who register as a team of 4 will get 50% discounted registration.(for all the delegates/accompanying persons)
– Atleast one member per submission must register for screening of selected films.
– Fee includes one entry and refreshments, for 2 days and will be allowed to enter all film screenings, workshops and for awards night.
– Entry would be open to panorama section which is not for competition
– Entry coupon will be provided along with the registration kits at the venue during registration.

1. Only the selected movies will be screened according to categories in separate screens at the venue.

2. Mission of this film fest is the celebration of a rare amalgamation of health and healthy short films.

3. All registered participants will be allowed inside the screening halls and provided refreshments.

4. Non-registered audience like friends and family of movie makers can watch the screenings based on availability of ‘spot-tickets’ for each individual short film.


Are you ready to be enter FISFA 2018?